Kia Announces 2022 Sorento Pricing

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Kia’s capable and premium Sorento SUV is one of the brand’s longest standing nameplates. For model year 2022, the newly introduced Sorento PHEV joins the gas-powered and hybrid variants to round out the model range. Other news includes the addition … Read More

Covid masks are not mandatory in Florida

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Florida is one of the few places on earth where coronavirus restrictions are not so strict. Although city and county-level mandates exist, Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended all fines and penalties associated with not adhering to COVID-19-related restrictions on Sept. 25, 2020, hindering local … Read More

Florida Ban on Vaccine Passports

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As you know, all the states of America have their own laws. A recent Florida law banned vaccination passports, sparking outrage. What does this mean? In Florida, it is not allowed to host Covid-based citizens on cruises, restaurants, and other … Read More

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